Villamar Beach Resort

Villamar Beach Resort Reviews

This resort offers a good atmosphere for bonding, team building and reminiscing friendships of old times. It may be family reunions, high school reunions, or just a family getaway – you need to definitely consider this place.

This resort is has a lot of amenities to offer. There are sporting facilities and wonderful food. The list of amenities are given below. This complex also provides a restaurant that can cater a group or an entire family. This is nice for parties, events and even intimate gatherings such as debuts and weddings.

When it comes to the staff, they are very friendly and they understand their roles well. They understand that their service means you get to relax and enjoy your stay. They are very professional and aims at giving each of their guests a great holiday.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Villamar Beach Resort

The served food is great, really comforting. In any event or party, great food should be a priority. The amenities are perfect for sharing with friends and family. The beauty of this resort is also found in its staff. The politeness of the service is always a reminder on what is important for them: Your satisfaction!

Villamar Beach Resort Rates

You can stay in our regular rooms at P500 for 2 persons, and in air-conditioned rooms at P1,500 for 2 persons.  Room rates are good for either daytime or evening accommodations only, and charges for a 24-hour stay are double the day or night rates. Additional persons in the rooms and cottages are charged extra at P100 per head in regular rooms, and P200 per head in air-con rooms.

Villamar Beach Resort Contact details and Address

Address: Noveleta, Cavite
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number: 09298905763, 09204084444
E-Mail Address: