Queens Joy Resort

Queens Joy Resort Reviews

This resort will greet you from the moment you arrive at their gates. All your activities will be taken into consideration and delicious food will be available. If you would just like to hang around the pool, or just savor the moment – this is a fun place to be in.The staff at the resort are very friendly, and they are always inclined for guests to have a spectacular time.

 The resort grounds are well groomed and nicely prepped. The accommodations should go well. This resort is recommended for families and friends wanting a quick getaway in the area. This resort has also become quite popular and known to have a cozy and homey appeal. This place is also very affordable, perfect for your budget.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Queens Joy Resort

This resort is quite popular in the area and known as a cozy and homey place. This is among the affordable resort. The quality and fun factor is amazing. This place is perfect for quick getaways and family weekends. If you are in the area, you should definitely try to get into contact with this place. The garden, swimming pool and accommodation will be very popular with the kids – and with adults too. This is a family friendly place. The parking lot is spacious enough for an entire family, or a group of friends. The garden is quite relaxing and will be perfect for grilling and having a great day with loved ones.

Queens Joy Resort Contact details and Address

Address: San Agustin, Trece Martirez City
Telephone Number: (046) 419 1675
Mobile Number:
E-Mail Address: