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Burdened by the hassles of daily life? Are you trapped in a rat race and just want to reset and figure everything out? We think you need a break from the stressed life. Come and visit this resort. Medz Resort is popular in the area, and if this is at your reach, then why not enjoy a weekend, an overnight at a reasonably affordable resort.

Take a dip in the pool, take a good food basket with, shine up the place with some beer or wine and there you have it – a perfect getaway for you and your friends. This place may not be a castle for the royals, but this definitely does the job in making guests happy and satisfied.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Medz Resort

Medz Resort Rates

DAY Swimming P 130
• Children below 3 feet are free of charge
• Children measuring 3 feet and above have the same rate as adults.

Operating Hours
8:am – 4:00am
We only accept guests from
8:00am – 12:00 mn
Day Swimming 8am – 5pm
Night/Overnight 6pm – 4am
Summer (March – May)
Day Swimming 8am – 4:30pm
Night/Overnight 6:30pm – 4am

Vinta (Good for 10-15) P 500
Table (Good for 15-20) P 600
Dhoni (Good for 20-30) P 1000
Pavilion (Good for 30) P 1200

Entrance fee is not yet included.
Family Room (Good for 6)
12 hrs(full time) P 1, 500
6 hrs 1, 200
Succeeding hour 400

Family Room (Good for 4)

12 hrs(full time) P 1, 200
6 hrs 800
Succeeding hour 250

*Strictly for TWO persons only
Couple Room (Air-conditioned)

12 hrs(full time) P 900
6 hrs 600
Succeeding hour 200

Couple Room (Ordinary)

12 hrs(full time) P 600
6 hrs 400
Succeeding hour 150

Medz Resort Contact details and Address

Address: Dasmariñas, Cavite
Telephone Number: (046) 686 0441
Mobile Number:
E-Mail Address: