Hacienda Solange

Hacienda Solange Reviews

Hacienda Solange offers an experience for those that want to relax and have a good time. Enjoy the laid back theme of homey vacation. Hacienda Solange only entertains one group at any given time to provide the best private holiday for their guests.

There are two houses in the hacienda, The Villa and the Chalet. The Villa has 2 rooms good for 6 persons while the Chalet has 3 bunk beds good for 9 persons. Along with these 2 houses, they also give you 2 nice swimming pools, a barbecue station and a taste of Mother Nature. You can also request some fresh fruit from the trees of the hacienda.

This is a place for those that want to be at peace with nature. The cool climate of the place gives the nice sleepy atmosphere. A fireplace can be lighted in cases where you really feel the chill. This palce is perfect for a group of family or friends wanting to have a bonding moment for a budget.

Inside-the-Chalet Hacienda Solange Hacienda Solange double bed Hacienda Solange Bed Hacienda Solange pool

Amenities and Special Attractions of Hacienda Solange

  • Garden Sundet
  • Main Garden
  • Family Swing
  • Large Pool  for your whole family
  • Terrace
  • The Place at Night
  • Small Pool
  • BBQ Grill for Feast
  • Family Pool

Hacienda Solange Rates

 The Villa

Master’s Bedroom

  • Kingsize Bed
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Air-conditioning
  • Spacious Bathroom with Hot Shower

Rooms for 4

  • 2 Double Sized Beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Large Closet

The Chalet

  • 3 Double Decker Beds
  • 1 Bathroom and 1 Restroom
  • Area outside for washing clothes
  • French-style sliding glass doors and windows
Inside Chalet
The Chalet is perfect for families and large groups. It has 3 Double Deckers that will fit 9 people comfortably. Each double decker bed has a double size for the lower bed and single size for the upper bed.

Hacienda Solange Contact details and Address

047 Aguinaldo-Alfonso Rd., Brgy Esperanza Ilaya, 4123 Alfonso, Tagaytay City
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
0926-661-2771 (Globe)
0933-688-7637 (Sun)
E-Mail Address: