Footstep Resort

Footstep Resort Reviews

Footstep Resort has great accommodations from this resort. There are air-conditioned rooms, spacious cottages and very well furnished bathrooms. Among the resorts in the municipality, we would say this is one of the top three resorts in the area. They have really friendly staff, you can clearly feel they have professional training.

The swimming place is always welcoming, especially during the summer time. The cold enticing waters will always be a refreshing treat. The outdoor space and the wonderful landscape gives you a relaxing ambiance. This is a nice event venue. You should definitely consider this resort.

The swimming pool gives a refreshing bath – the cold crystal clear water is an escape from the hot sun. This is also for the kids that just won’t stop enjoyment in the water. The outdoor space is perfect for those that want a really special place to have parlor games and activities like team building games. Events such as these are very welcome.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Footstep Resort

Footstep Resort Rates

Daytime: 8 am to 4pm
Adult – 100
Kids – 80

Night time: 6 pm to 12 mn
Adult – 110
Kids – 90

Overnight: 8 pm to 4 am
Adult – 150
Kids – 150

Other amenities:
Cottage – 450
Table with 6 chairs – 300

8 am – 4 pm – 1,200
8 pm – 5 am – 1,500

Footstep Resort Contact details and Address

Address: Panapaan VIII, Bacoor City, Cavite
Telephone Number: (046) 687 6634
Mobile Number: 0928-2713500
E-Mail Address: