Dalaroy Beach Resort

Dalaroy Beach Resort  Reviews

This resort offers nice accommodations: furnished, air-conditioned, spacious and very comfortable. This is one of the accommodations provider in the province. The staff are very hospitable and courteous. The resort should give a nice holiday for your stay. The elegance of the place also brings out some enjoyment for you vacation.

The swimming pool gives a refreshing bath – the cold crystal clear water is an escape from the hot sun. This is also for the kids that just won’t stop enjoyment in the water. The outdoor space is perfect for those that want a really special place to have parlor games and activities like team building games. Events such as these are very welcome.

Amenities and Special Attractions of Dalaroy Beach Resort

This resort is has a lot of amenities to offer. There are sporting facilities and wonderful food. The list of amenities are given below. This complex also provides a restaurant that can cater a group or an entire family. This is nice for parties, events and even intimate gatherings such as debuts and weddings.

A wonderful garden also accommodates the guests. The garden and the greenery provides a good comfort and relaxing ambiance – perfect for those wanting to leave the busy and hassled life. If you want a break from work or the buzzling city life, this resort is a primal candidate to give you what you need.

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Address: Ternate, Cavite
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number: 0915 560 2760
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